Girl and a Boy area rug, 2012

120 x 78 x .5 in
305 x 198 x 3 cm

This 10’ by 6’ 6” unique rug design was inspired by the artwork of Claire Desjardins. The painting that was used as a reference, is called "Girl and a Boy", which is a whimsical piece that she painted in 2011, while at the artist residency, the Vermont Studio Center.

When standing back, the blocky patches of colour create a slightly abstract figurative silhouette of a girl and of a boy (hence the name). It was a painting that was created during Claire's single days, and it represents her desire to enter into a meaningful relationship... Something that seemed quite elusive, at the time that it was painted, but since then, has become a reality in her life.

The rug was hand woven in India, and it took the manufacturers 180 days to make it, as they duly noted each brush stroke, and each intonation that the artist intended, during her work. The bamboo silk has a slightly shorter pile than the wool pile does, creating an interesting, subtle change texture. The wool has a matte feel to it, while the silk has a sheen to it, that appears to change as one walks around it, due to the light shining on it from various angles. There is a lovely, luxurious feel to this one of a kind rug.

As this piece is hand-woven on a loom, there are some small flaws. These flaws are part of the character of the rug, and serve to further enhance the piece.

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